Beautiful, Beautiful (Acoustic)

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Francesca is one of the most talented and gifted singers I have ever known. I love her music, her amazing voice. And this song is very beautiful!

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god gave you talent and you are useing never stop i love ya

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I love this song soooooooooooo much!!!!!!1

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I love this song so much! I am trying to learn how to play this song on the violin. You are so talented! I love all of your songs!

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You are so talented!

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Wow. Amazing. :D

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this song is a very beautiful beautiful song=) its super easy to play on the guitar 2!

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Love youu <3

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its so fabulous love your voice and love how you sing it loud! YOU KEEP SINGING LOUD AND PRAISING THE LORD!

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Very pretty song!!!!! It's just...... Beautiful, Beautiful!!!!!

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I Loved this song, I love it so much that I cant help but stop what I'm doing and just sing along!!!! I love your voice, and I love the way you play the guitar, because of you I'm learning how to play the guitar!!!

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Beautiful song, Beautiful voice!! Love it and it gave me goose bumps!

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nice song,love it..lots of meanings to it.

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i luv this song! :)

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luv this song! francesca keep living for God hs the only way you can get through life =)

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I love this song so so so much. The day I heard the song was the first time I listened to Franny sing. It's a wonderful song. I can never get tired of listening to it.

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I love this song so so so so much. This song was the first song. It is a wonderful song.

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i love this song i sing along to it everytime i hear it. and i love francesca battistelli. This song is wonderful.

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Love this song! Also love the music video!!! She performed this song @ Winter Jam and my BFF and I couldn't help getting up and singing along!


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This song is the reason I picked up the guitar again. I had to learn the song and sing it for myself. I use it a bit of therapy. When I just need to sing out. My dream is to either sing this song with or be sung to by Franchesca. I will see her at winter jam '11 in champaign,il. Im going just to see her! She is amazing! Cant wait to get the new album!

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this is my fav song!!

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That was beautiful! :D Keep strumming and singing for the God who's allowed you too! He's sure has blessed ya bunches! <3