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  • Oct 16 2012

    Christmas is available everywhere TODAY! Download it on iTunes, order it in the online store, or pick it up at your favorite retail store!

    Visit your local Family Christian store for an exclusive edition that includes the bonus track "Be Born In Me" and a 60 page FanZine featuring photos, recipes, and more!

    CLICK HERE to download on iTunes.

    CLICK HERE to order it in the online store.

  • Oct 12 2012

    Hi! This is to all girls and to JESUSIsMyEverything, I just wanted to know if any of you have ever read: How To Be Gods Little Prinncess? My reveiw for it would be 5 stars! It talks about what we should do as young ladies, what kind of life we should live (the Godly way) and their are quizes and stuff in it about what we would do if.....? and it gives you some answers to choses and when your done you can see who you are! Anyway, I just wanna tell ya'll you should read it! Thank for reading! God bless-Katie

  • Oct 11 2012

    Hi there.