This Is The Stuff

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i love your beautiful songs with great energy. thanks for sharing.
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This song is so awesome and I love it!

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I Love "This Is The Stuff" And "Beautiful Beautiful" With A Burning Passion They Are Amazing Songs Jus Lik "Angel By Your Side"

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This is the Stuff is a very special song to me. On Monday, Jan. 31, 2011 my 31 year old daughter was critically injured in an automobile accident. On my way to the hospital the next day I heard this song for the first time and all I could think of was "This is the Stuff" that drives Monica crazy, but it truly is not the end of the world. She was unconcious for 12 days but God is continuing to knit her together and she even bought us tickets to the Salt Lake City concert. Monica and all with us will be praising the Lord this Thursday. Francesca, God is truly using your talent to touch the lives of others. God Bless You.

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I lost my keys at church camp =( and I was feeling really stressed about it, but a weight lifted when my favorite song came on the radio. LOL... I smile even wider when I hear your song now =) God has blessed me so very much. Thank you for helping me remember it!

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I love the song very much! I love listening to your music!! :0

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I love "This Is The Stuff".. so cute and catchy!! :::Blessings!::: :):)

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I love this song so much. I always remember it whenever I'm impatient about a thing that shouldn't get me upset. I love all Franny's songs.

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I Love Love Love all of her songs! She is a wonderful, amazing, talented, singer and a awesome person! Her songs are beautiful as well and I cry everytime I hear one! :D

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I told my husband that you wrote my life song. Then I had him listen to it and he looked at me and said, " I don't think it is funny. That is exactly who you are. Do you even know where your keys are?" I was laughing so hard. Of course my reply was, "Yes! They are somewhere over there!" (He knows I don't really know). Thank you for this song!!

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I wish I could get an instrumental for This Is The Stuff! I want to sing it for my talent show. Please let me know if one is available! :)~Faith